Found this on HN and I need to recommend it to as many people as possible:

I can't recommend Coders at Work (Seibel, 2009) enough for people with impostor syndrome. I'm only four interviews in and it's done wonders in reassuring me that yes, I am a "real" programmer.

This is so much a "simple problem that should have been solved already" that I almost want to make my own service to do it.

Google Play Books' consistent inability to process my uploaded epubs and also to give me feedback on WHY it was unable to do so drives me nuts on the days when I really need or want to read something in multiple places.

It's also mildly infuriating when you dump money on a resource and it ends up saying the same generic stuff you've read everywhere else for free...

It's mildly infuriating listing to a 30-minute lecture without a speed up option...


I also wish I could stop spelling "mastodon" as "mastadon" -- wtf, me?

I really wish follow requests would send an alert or turn red or show an alert mark or SOMETHING so I knew I had some waiting.

For the people who can't read Japanese, this particular article is about the author of Rurouni Kenshin being arrested for possession of kiddie porn, notably girls from 4th to 8th grades.

Since @emb mentioned it, I'm thinking about writing something in Japanese and upping it... but I can't find any examples of my older handwriting anymore. It'd be interesting to see how much my handwriting has deteriorated after about ten years of basic disuse.

I know my English handwriting (especially my signature) has gotten pretty bad, too...

Turns out that I had a bunch of follow requests I didn't realize existed until @mike nudged me to accept his. Go figure.

Actually, @Curator I just realized I can't see ANY pictures from

I've been reading the second volume of The Fifty-Year Mission since yesterday and it's amazing how much I'm aggravated by the various staff calling DS9 "Deep Space."

I haven't tooted in a while and wondered why... it basically seems to come down to a combination of not feeling like I have anything to say and not feeling like the people I could toot to would be interested in what I have to say. So basically, the same problem I have with Twitter...


. . . characters (personalities, acts) we'd EVER seen in a film. For almost every character in the film we could name mutual acquaintances and friends that they almost seemed based on.

The deafness, far from being a mere plot device, was handled VERY well -- they showed a lot of the mundane frustrations (people refusing to write, refusing to relay conversations, etc.) really well and also made the protagonist a person BEYOND her deafness. (2/2)

聲の形 (Koe no Katachi / A Silent Voice) masquerades as a love story with a deaf girl as a plot device that is actually a FANTASTIC film that shows the kind of bullying endemic in Japanese culture (not just in schools) as well as its effects on the close social circles that Japanese culture maintains.

It's an animated film, but as soon as it ended, my girlfriend and I couldn't stop talking about how it had some of the most realistic . . . (1/2)

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